Crèche & Nursery

Ages 3 months to 3 years


Ages 4 years to 5 years

4 Quarters

From September to August.

We strive to create the ideal environment for our preschool learners to experiment and explore whiles guiding their physical and mental health.

Our Pre-School provides for all learners of ages between 3 months to 5 years.

The program is divided into Creche, Nursery and foundation stages using the revised Early years framework which is periodically updated and combines activities to suit the Ghanaian community.

Brain Hill school runs through four quarters in a school Year. From September to August.

The department is run following Montessori principles, building self-confidence and independence. Each child is supported individually, to encourage their in-built desire to learn. Minimum attendance in the preschool group is two days per week.

The kindergarten group, (ages 4 – 6 years), follow a curriculum with a wide range of activities including group work, projects, individual and free play, sport, excursions, early music, art and English lessons.

We run a full year’s calendar with weekends and public holidays being the only breaks in-between terms/quarters


Some early foundation topics we introduce learners to are
Natural Discovery

In early years is a way of learning that puts children in the driver's seat. Children learn by exploring, investigating and testing the world and objects around them.


The capacity, confidence and disposition to use mathematics in daily life. Children bring new mathematical understandings through engaging in problem-solving.


The foundation for reading, writing, communicating, and socialising. Early literacy is learning about sounds, words, and language.